Friday, October 06, 2006

How good is your website?

A website is your business' public face. Big businesses can look like mom and pop operations and mom and pop operations can look like General Motors. The design of your website should not be taken lightly, its budget should not be an afterthought, and the designer you hire should be someone who understands more than code. Your Web-designer should be a multimedia-marketing advisor, someone who can counsel you how best to deliver your marketing message, and someone who can go beyond technical issues.

Below is a set questíons you can ask yourself.
1. Does Your Website Have A Purpose?
2. Is Your Website Focused?
3. How Functional Is Your Website?
4. Does Your Website's Construction Balance Competing Concerns?
5. Does your website honestly reflect your business personality?
6. Is your Web-presentation integrated into your overall marketing plan?
7. Is content king on your website?
8. Is your website an experience?
9. Does your website have a distinctive look?
10. Do you list appropriate contact information on your website?

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